The Master Plan.

Revenge is best when it’s planned in advance.

With that being said, this is an expanding list of goals to fuel my growth and development. Some of these goals are small and easily accomplished over time while some of them are “Big Hairy Audacious” goals.  The important thing is that I write them down and work towards them.

DISCLAIMER: There are some goals that aren’t on this list that are constant, are impossible to measure, or are judgment-based, like being a good father, husband, Christian or “healthy.”  While these are goals are critical, this list focuses on goals that are Specific, Measurable, and can be clearly marked as Achieved by an undeniable metric.


  • Get my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Accounting
  • Get salary position at a Fortune 500 company
  • Get a Master’s in Business Administration
  • Pass the CPA exam(s)
  • Run a Conference Presentation


  • Complete “Debt Snowball”
    • Save up an Emergency Fund
    • Pay off all credit cards
      • Close all credit cards
    • Pay off student loans
    • Eliminate PMI on mortgage
    • Pay off Medical Debt
  • Own a house with no mortgage
  • Get paid for YouTube views (Completed June 2017)
  • Develop a $100-per-month passive income

Intellectual / Creative

  • Post an article on Revenge Method
    • Publish 10 Articles
      • Post 25 Articles
        • Post 50 Articles
          • Post 100 Articles
  • Read 100 Business or Self-Improvement Books (Completed in 2018)
    • Read 100 more books in 2019.
  • Complete 7-Day Vlog Challenge
  • Complete 30-Day Vlog Challenge
  • Complete 1-Year Vlog Challenge (abandoned)
  • Release 1,000 videos YouTube
  • Release a single on iTunes (Don’t ask. If you don’t know, I’m not telling)
    • Release an album
  • Release a podcast


Spiritual / Mental

  • Read the Whole Bible
    • New American Standard Bible 10/2/2017
    • New International Version 8/4/2018
    • English Standard Version (Started 1/1/2019)
  • Memorize a Book of the Bible (tried Ephesians once.  Didn’t happen.)
  • Meditate Once a Day for 1 month
  • Take stock of my possessions, intentionally sell, give away, or keep everything.



  • Complete All Apple Watch Activity Rings for 1 month. (Kinda happened June 2017)
  • Complete All Apple Watch Activity Rings for 1 month.
  • Count Complete Calorie Intake for 1 month.
  • Complete a Whole30
  • Be Vegetarian for 1 month
  • Be Vegan for 1 month


Family / Home

  • Build a Home Office
    • With a desk
    • With a door
    • With a sound booth
  • Prepare a Legacy Box
  • Adopt a child

Citizen / Social

  • Be fluent in two languages
    • English
    • Spanish – (I can order food)
    • French – (Basic comprehension)
    • American Sign Language (Baby-related vocabulary)
  • Leave a $100 tip at a small restaurant