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The Disarming Truth of Mister Rogers – The Good Neighbor by Maxwell King Review

There’s no way that Mister Rogers could be for real, right? When I was growing up, the word on the playground was that the kind-hearted Mister Rogers was seeking redemption for a past life as a cold-hearted ex-military sniper who killed dozens. Do you hear that?

Dozens have died by his hand. The only reason he wore those sweaters was to cover up his many special forces tattoos that would be too frightening for young eyes.

And those sneakers? Those were specially chosen for stealth. Fred Rogers found they were critical in stalking unsuspecting prey. Legend says that Rogers would glide like a panther, creeping up behind his target until the red cable-knit-sweater-wearing Mister Rogers was so close that it was too late to escape. Moments before their demise he would coldly whisper:

“You’ve made this day a special day just by you’re being you. There’s no person in the whole world like you; and I like you just the way you are.”

Journal writing

I Hate New Year’s Resolutions… here’s mine.

I am a firm believer in setting goals. Writing down what I want to achieve gives me clarity.  Leaving an idea to bang around in my head just doesn’t help me as much as I want to believe. Saying what I want out loud isn’t quite good enough for me either. I don’t know how many times I have talked and talked about a new plan or great idea but failed to act on it. My friends are sick of it before I’ve ever taken the first step.