“Living well is the best revenge.”

Some important person said that… or are they important because they said it?  I don’t know, and that’s the problem.

I could be doing a lot better.  I’ve got potential, just like everybody else.  I’m a product of a system and a culture that pushes all in one direction toward a life that I’m not 100% sure I’m interest in.  I’m on a path that isn’t fantastic, but it’s not that bad either.  Maybe you can relate.

I’ve always wanted to be important.  I’ve always wanted to contribute to global society, but I’m probably not going to be able to do that in my 9am-5pm, “40” hour-a-week job.

As much as I would love to be a pioneer, forging a new path to find that secret to success that just has to be out there somewhere… I just don’t have the time.  I’m a father.  I’m a husband.  I’m an employee.  I’m a member of a church.  I’m a student.  I’m a lot of things.  Maybe you’re a lot of things too.

The purpose of this website is to examine the success of others and figure out how they did it so I (and by extension YOU) can do it too.

I am going to Reverse Engineer their success.  Get it?

REVerse ENGineer. REVENGE.

Welcome to Revenge Method. Live Well.